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Resurfacing Marble And Stone Floors

Resurfacing your floors can make a room look new and can even add perceived value to potential buyers; it will make your marble floors shine and bring out the natural color in your stone floors. This is something you’ll want to do once every three years, or more frequently for high traffic areas. Though you can resurface your floors at home or leave it up to a maintenance staff, finding a quality floor care professional is key to a more polished look. You don’t want to risk damaging your marble and stone floors, and a professional will have the right tools and a higher degree of expertise.

Though the process is relatively simple, there several factors you will need to consider before taking on this task without the use of a professional. First, do you have access to an edger to ensure that even the corners of your room or office space are properly resurfaced? Secondly, how will you handle the excess water on the floors after stone resurfacing? Though you may have a mop, most professionals will have a wet/dry vacuum that can quickly and easily remove unnecessary moisture. Finally, do you have the proper machinery for the job? You’ll want a machine that can handle a variety of tasks including scrubbing, stripping and polishing.

The QuarryMaster is a versatile machine designed for the restoration and maintenance of multiple floor surfaces including marble, tile, terrazzo, stone and concrete. It is capable of handling the aforementioned tasks with ease, and is a professional grade resurfacing tool that offers durability and convenience. Features include a built-in AMP meter for constant monitoring of current draw and an adjustable select-a-weight system which allows the operator to adjust surface pressure while staying within the recommended amperage range. Two 10 pound and three 25 pound weights are included with the 17, 20 and 24” models. Other useful features include flexible dual triggers for left or right hand operation with a built-in safety lock-out to prevent accidental startup, a die-cast aluminum switchbox that won’t chip or rust and an enhanced high torque gear system. All models include a fifty foot power cord with a water resistant jacket and oversize handle grips for operator comfort; a four gallon plastic solution tank comes standard on deluxe models.

If you’re working in smaller spaces or confined areas, a ten inch QuarryMaster model is available with many of the same features. This model allows for greater flexibility and ease of use in narrow hallways and offers an optional short handle for use on countertops and stairs. The affordable add-on makes this machine even more versatile and is highly recommended for both professional and at home users.

Ultimately, choosing to resurface on your own versus hiring a floor care professional is a personal decision based on your needs and budget. If you just want a little touch up, there are plenty of affordable tools and kits available to help you; if you want a long lasting shine and quality finish you’ll want a professional with high grade tools like the QuarryMaster to get the job done.

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