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Drum-Adapter Vacuums: Harnessing Air And Electricity

Drum adapter vacuums are a great resource for cleaning large areas quickly and efficiently. They are an essential tool for the cleaning professional and they are ideal for any job that requires a vacuum with an extra large capacity. Uses include boiler cleaning, construction cleanup and flood control.  These vacuums are quite basic but completely customizable to your needs with numerous optional tools and accessories. For example, you can use your drum adapter vacuum for wet pickup with a wet pickup adapter and make it more portable with a drum dolly. When choosing a drum adapter vacuum, there are two ways you can go. You can choose a non-electric compressed air motor or an electric motor, each has its benefits.

A compressed air motor, also known as a pneumatic motor, most commonly uses a system of pistons to achieve linear motion and mechanical energy from compressed air. These motors offer greater power density than electric motors, which can be beneficial if you are looking for something lighter and easier to transport. A smaller compressed air motor can provide as much power as a larger electric motor. These motors also generate less heat and can be used in more volatile atmospheres since they do not require electricity to operate. Compressed air motors are not completely electricity free however; you will still need electricity to compress the air. One downside of these motors is that you will need access to a compressed air source, which is not always as readily available as other power sources.


Mastercraft DA-1512

On the other hand, an electric motor, while less powerful per cubic inch, will almost always have an energy source nearby. In addition, they often utilize less energy and are more cost efficient. Many varieties of electric motors are available and you are sure to find one that provides the right amount of power for you. You’ll also be glad to know that many electric motors are more durable and long lasting than their compressed air counterparts. When it comes down to choosing a motor, it’s all about personal preference. Go electric for a long lasting motor that’s energy efficient; choose compressed air for a compact but powerful motor.


Mastercraft DA-1512

If you are looking for a quality compressed air drum adapter vacuum, consider the Mastercraft DA-MAV16. For an electric drum adapter vacuum, consider the DA-1512. Both offer durable steel motor heads with 30 feet, 3 wire, grounded safety cords and high and low neck adapters to fit a variety of drum sizes from 35 to 65 gallons.  The optional accessory kits will help you to navigate difficult spaces and the optional HEPA Filter Assembly will ensure maximum filtration and cleaner, safer air. Whichever you choose, you can be secure in the fact that you have a quality machine that can harness the energy of your choice to handle the biggest, toughest cleaning jobs.

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