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Prepping A Floor For Cleaning

Whether you’re cleaning carpet, concrete, linoleum or wood, you’ll need to prep the floor before bringing out your equipment. The first step is moving or removing furniture from the room as you see fit. For the cleanest floors, remove all furniture, noting its placement. You might want to make a quick sketch or take a photo of the room’s layout, especially if you are working in someone else’s home or business. Your next step is getting rid of any dust or debris that may be on the floors. Prep carpets with a good vacuuming to remove dust or dirt that may cling to the carpet when wet. When cleaning you only want to worry about stains and embedded dirt, not anything that could be removed with a simple vacuum. For wood floors, linoleum and concrete, sweep the floors before cleansing. You can also vacuum these floors to help remove dirt or sand. Use a soft head attachment to help prevent scratching. A final option for prepping hard surface floors is to use a hand blower which can easily blast away topical debris including dirt, hair or rubbish.

The Big Red B650 is powerful and compact, making it a perfect choice for your business or personal needs. This easy to transport machine weights just over ten pounds and has enough power to fill up a commercial sized river raft. The multi-purpose tool can be used to ensure a complete cleanse, helping to remove dust and dirt from vents, hard to reach areas and floor surfaces. It is designed with ease of use in mind and can be operated with one hand. The thirty foot power cord allows you to cover large areas without needing to switch outlets. Finally, it is made of durable spun aluminum with a rugged metal top handle, making it a good investment that is sure to last.

Be aware that while hard surface floors can dry fairly quickly, carpet can take up to twelve hours. Clients should be informed as they may need to adjust their plans in accordance. To ensure a quicker dry, consider purchasing an air mover like the XA-300C. This can be very useful when you or a client need access to a space soon after cleaning. Quick drying is also important to prevent odor and microbial growth. This machine works on both carpet and hard surface floors and it is very versatile. The air mover can be stacked with up to two other units for increased efficiency; can stand in three positions to channel the air where you need it most, and has three operating speeds giving you the ultimate in control. The cord conveniently wraps around the handle and the drying unit is made of durable polyethylene. Having quality tools like this for prepping, cleansing and clean-up help to ensure a professional quality job every time.

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