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Managing Spills And Floods

Whether you are faced with a moderate spill or a large flood, you’ll want quality commercial products to handle them. It is important to handle high moisture situations quickly to avoid damage including rust and rot as well the growth of mildew and mold. Protecting the home or business is your most important job as a contractor called in to handle flooding.  You will need a vacuum that can eliminate water rapidly and efficiently to prevent corrosion and dangerous mold growth which can cause everything from allergies to migraines. Homes and businesses alike should at least have a commercial grade wet/dry vacuum to manage emergency water situations.  Powerful and versatile, the Contractors Wet/Dry Vacuum is a strong choice.


You’ll get a durable poly motor head with a powerful 1.3 horsepower motor equipped with a thirty foot, three wire grounded safety yellow power cord. This grounded cord is essential to preventing fire and electric shock. You’ll also appreciate the high quality materials used in this vacuum. The vacuum features three holdown clamps made of chrome plated spring steel with non-marring tips to ensure a positive vacuum seal, key for superior suction. The rotationally molded poly tanks are made of high impact plastic with 1/4” wall constructions that won’t leak or dent and resist chemical attack. The totally enclosed paper filter bag for dry use provides a greater filtration area while the built in float-cage with a foam filter for wet use simply snaps on to the motor for ease of use when changing applications. You can choose between caster and glidemobile styles depending on your needs, featuring respectively four ball bearing casters or two ball bearing front casters and two rear wheels. You can also choose between two sizes, 1.10 bushel dry/ 8 gallon wet capacity or 2 bushel dry/15 gallon wet capacity.  Both sizes include a wet/dry toolkit featuring an aluminum wand, vinyl hose, upholstery and crevice tools and squeegee tools.

For serious flooding and swimming pool maintenance, you’ll need a pump out vacuum, preferably with a sump pump adapter for multifunction use.  A professional grade pump out vacuum with adapter, such as the P42010, is designed for speed with the capacity to continually pump out liquids. With this quality pump vacuum you will get everything you need to get rid of water fast. This model includes a 1.3 horsepower motor head, a fifty foot power cord with a ground fault interrupter, a 20 gallon poly tank, a pump and barbed connector, a fifteen foot intake hose and a fifty foot discharge hose, a five foot metal wand, a mesh filter bag, a sixteen inch squeegee and a twelve inch gulper tool.

This model comes with a grounded adapter made for convenience. The SMP-1 adapter is designed to fit several wet/dry vacuums or drum adapters. It features easy installation with no special tools or equipment required, just a tank vacuum or drum adapter, set up for wet pickup and a .75” garden hose or 1.5” vacuum hose.  It is also easy to transport with two casters paired with eight inch wheels. For fast flood control, a professional grade pump out vacuum like this is the way to go.

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