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Benefits Of A Commercial Upright Vaccuum

A commercial upright vacuum is an essential component of the successful carpet care professional’s arsenal. The power and quality they provide are a significant upgrade from a household vacuum. Commercial vacuums are designed with professionals in mind. They are meant to be used often and outlast their personal use counterparts. Commercial grade vacuums offer durability, high performance and efficiency.   They are created to be able to clean large areas, high traffic areas but they are also suitable for home use. Longer cords, industrial strength materials and improved filtering can benefit individuals and businesses.  These are only some of the features commercial grade vacuums like the SV-280 Wide Area Vacuums’ offer.


This particular model offers a convenient low profile L-shape design that’s meant to clean under and around furniture. There is also a wrap around bumper to protect your client’s furniture from damage. The four rows of bristles and “no-fling” dirt barrier ensure maximum pickup while the top-fill collection system assures maximum performance. A 3.5 inch inlet is provided to eliminate clogging at the intake and the chrome plated steel handle folds for convenient storage and transport. You’ll appreciate the heavy duty construction of a commercial vacuum and this model has a welded steel chassis mounted on structural foam housing for durability, strength and maneuverability. The foam housing keeps the vacuum lightweight (under 75 pounds) while the steel chassis provides sturdiness. To enhance air quality and protect your client’s health you’ll want to choose a commercial vacuum with a quality filter system like the SV-280. There are two filters on this model, a heavy duty dust retentive cloth outer filter bag and a large 1.2 bushel disposable paper filter bag. Dust stays securely in the filter and is not blown back into the air, a problem that occurs with many household vacuums. This model is also equipped with two 6” transport wheels and two 2” double wheel front casters. SVG Vac-N-Groom Models are also available with increased torque to assist in forward movement. Lastly this model is CRI certified as a superior carpet cleaning product.

If you are looking for a commercial vacuum that can clean more than just floors, consider a Twinmaster Dual Motor vacuum. These vacuums are designed to clean carpets, baseboards and hard to reach areas.  The versatile vacuums feature a triple filtration system with a totally enclosed multi-ply disposable paper filter bag, motor inlet filter and exhaust filter.  The top fill collection system, popular on commercial vacuums, allows the filter bag to reach maximum fill capacity without losing cleaning efficiency.  The brush strip is easy to remove and replace and the cog belt drive design features a long life belt mounted off center and shielded for a clear cleaning path. You can choose the most efficient cleaning path width for you with 14” and 18” models available.

This vacuum adjusts to meet your needs with a low profile and offset nozzle to reach under and around furniture, on board cleaning tools including a built-in stretch hose and wand, and a four position carpet height adjustment. A thermal overload feature is provided to protect the motors from overheating and a clean fan system eliminates the possibility of motor fan breakage. The superior quality of this product along with other commercial upright vacuums make them the best choice for your business.

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