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Caring For Your Floor: The Proper Chemicals

When it comes to floor care, you’re going to need a variety of products to keep carpets their cleanest and floors looking their shiniest. If you want to bring out the best in your floors, choosing quality professional products will make a world of difference. From stain removers to floor finishers you’ll want the best chemicals available to get the job done right. Every floor care professional has an arsenal of supplies but even the home or business owner needs products for regular maintenance. Some of the chemicals you may need include all purpose cleaners, foaming floor degreasers, residue removers and floor film neutralizers. The most essential floor care chemicals for fantastic looking floors include stain removers, wax removers and floor finish.

If you have a pet, you’ll want a product that can handle the toughest of stains. A great product to consider is the  Do-Do Pet Stain Remover. This heavy duty pet stain remover is safe to use on any fabric that is not harmed by water. All you need to do is pour a little product onto the stain and rub with a clean rag or brush. After a few seconds the stain is gone and as an added bonus, this pet stain remover leaves behind a fresh, clean scent. After using this product, you may notice that the carpet appears lighter in the area where the stain was removed; this is likely because the carpet in this area is now cleaner than other areas. This pet stain remover also removes dirt, dust and buildup so it is absolutely normal for it to be lighter than the rest of the carpet; this will even out in several days.

If your home or business has any floor surface that has been waxed, you will require a wax remover for regular maintenance like the professional grade Easy-Do Wax Remover. You’ll occasionally want to strip the wax and re-finish as it can yellow or stain over time. This product works well on various floor types including tile, vinyl and linoleum but cannot be used on hardwood floors as it is ammonia based. Ammonia can discolor hardwood floors but it is an excellent cleaner and wax remover for most floor types. To use this product, simply mix with hot water and pour into a fresh water tank. After scrubbing with a machine or by hand, rinse well and let dry. Make sure to buff with a floor polisher before applying a floor finish for a high shine result.

When purchasing a floor finish, consider Re-Do Floor Finish, a great professional product that complements Easy-Do Wax Remover. These are strong stand alone products that are formulated to work well both together and separately. You can use the Re-Do Floor Finish on all types of tile floors, including non-wax floors, but it should not be used on hardwood floors. To apply this product, use a wool applicator or string mop and buff again after the floor has completely dried for the highest sheen. With the right chemicals, stains will soak away and floors will glisten like new; when searching for quality products just remember the ‘do’.

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