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Maintaining Large Surface Areas

When it comes to maintaining large surface areas, a simple handheld vacuum won’t do. You’ll need something that can cover large areas quickly and effectively. If you want to get a big job done right, an industrial grade sweeper is key. You can save time and money as well as increase your productivity with this useful floor care tool. A push sweeper makes it easy to cover large areas quickly and is designed to work on numerous surface areas. Push sweepers can handle the largest of rooms and the smallest of corners with ease and are a worthwhile investment for any business. When considering which push sweeper to purchase there are several things you should keep in mind. You will want a durable sweeper that’s easy to use and preferably, adjustable. Simplicity, comfort and control should all be important factors in your decision. There are a variety of quality sweepers for you to choose from and the DebrisMaster 700B Battery Sweeper is certainly a solid choice.

The DebrisMaster is perfect for vacuuming both large carpeted and hard surface areas including wood and linoleum.  Powerful enough to rid your rooms of debris and fine dust, you’ll only need one pass with this sweeper. You’ll appreciate the compact size and ease of use which make the DebrisMaster maneuverable enough to clean confined and congested areas. The machine features a dual brush system with a main brush that sweeps up dirt and debris in a straight line and a side brush which cleans up to the edges and under baseboards. Another useful feature is this sweeper’s low voltage cutoff system which constantly monitors the battery, ensuring that it never drops below 20%. This helps to protect the sweeper and prolong battery life. Other features include an easy to remove housing cover, two hoppers that lift off for easy emptying, and an electronic filter shaker which allows the operator to clean the filter without removing it.

If you’re looking for even more flexibility, a great option is the Sweeps 2442 Adjustable Width Sweeper. The sweeper features patented Varex variable width scrubbing decks that sweep right to the walls, into edges, under shelves, around pallets and in narrow paths.  The adjustable working width ranges from 24” to 42”, making this one of the most adaptable sweepers on the market. This flexibility makes the machine an extremely cost efficient choice. The Sweeps 2442 has you covered around corners and under counters where harmful dust particles can build up and can handle both wide hallways and narrow doorways.  This durable machine is also designed with comfort in mind, featuring an adjustable steering handle and an easy to use ergonomic user panel. Overall, the Sweeps 2442 is a quality product that has a lot to offer.  Regardless of which sweeper you choose however, you can be sure you are making a worthwhile investment that will ultimately save you time and money.

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