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Weather The Storm

The recent hurricane brought high winds and significant flooding to a sizable portion of the north east United States. Much of the famous Jersey shore was destroyed with entire buildings, boardwalks and amusements wiped out. Not everyone suffered from this amount of destruction however. Millions of residents suffered from power loss and moderate amounts of flooding in their homes and businesses. Some will call contractors who have the right tools for flood restoration to quickly remove the water and prevent mold and mildew growth. Others who prepared for the storm or have faced flooding in the past may already have the proper tools. These tools include commercial grade pump out vacuums and powerful blowers which work more rapidly and efficiently than the buckets and fans people so often use.  Minimizing damage is key and both the Mastercraft P42010-SMP pump-out vacuum and XPOWER P-630 dryer will help you to accomplish this.

The Mastercraft P42010-SMP pump-out vacuum and adaptor is capable of quickly cleaning out flood water with a speed recovery system that continuously pumps out liquid. The 20 gallon tank is made of high impact plastic poly and features a built-in pump and a barbed connector. This durable machine is also useful for swimming pool maintenance and includes a useful toolkit with a 15’ intake hose, 50’ discharge hose, mesh filter bag, 5’ metal wand, 16” squeegee and 12” gulper. This pump-out vacuum is also mobile with two 2.5” front casters and two 8” rear wheels as well as a steel push handle. Utilizing this machine is the first step in drying your home or business. After the majority of the water is done, your floors, carpets and walls will still be damp and you will require a powerful air blower to get the moisture out fast.

The XPOWER P-630 dryer is the one of the most powerful and economical air movers in its class. The blower is energy efficient and ETL/CETL Certified as well. This machine offers a lot of bang for the buck, priced under $200. The compact machine dries walls, floors and carpets quickly and effectively, even in large areas.  Lightweight at under 20 pounds, the blower offers heavy duty drying as well as portability. The machine is very versatile with its three speed settings and four operating positions. These dryers are stackable up to four high and feature thermal protection to prevent overheating.  A five year limited warranty for the polypropylene housing is included, so you can be sure this machine will serve you well for years to come.

Whether you suffered damage during Hurricane Sandy or simply want to be prepared, both of these quality machines are good investments for your home or business. When used immediately after flooding occurs, you may be able to prevent damage to your floors, carpets and walls from the water itself as well as mold growth.  Together, the machines cost under $1500 and can save you thousands.

The proper tools for cleaning and drying flood damaged homes and businesses.

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