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How To Simplify Floor Cleaning

Do you find yourself spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing the hardwood floor? Tired of feeling frustrated because it never looks quite clean enough to satisfy you? Cleaning wood floors takes time, but some things can help simplify the process.

Cleaning floors can be a pain. No matter how you sweep and vacuum, the dirt comes back.

There is always something to do - sweeping, mopping, vacuuming-it never ends! It doesn't have to be this way. We'll share a few tips for how to make cleaning easier below!

Steps For Simplifying Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning can be simplified by reducing the number of tasks required. There are several ways to do this:

Get A Suitable Place

Find a suitable place for storage and cleaning equipment. This will enable you to store equipment in one place and reduce steps when carrying out the task.

Also, if the equipment is stored in an area that can be easily accessed, it will be more likely to be used.

Keep A Set Of Equipment

Keep a set of equipment for each room. This makes it easier to remember everything and reduces the number of trips required.

When carrying out the task, only take as many steps as are needed to clean a room. For example, if there is a mop and bucket in one bathroom and a mop and bucket in another bathroom, it is more convenient to use the equipment in the room where you are working.

floor cleaning tips

Practice Cleaning Rooms

Practice cleaning rooms without moving too far from your starting point. For example, when mopping the floor, think about how much space will be covered with each stroke of the mop rather than sweeping through an entire room.

Use Cordless Vacuum

Try using a cordless vacuum cleaner when possible. This allows you to clean without having to unplug and plug in the cleaner's power supply each time, reducing the number of steps required. This saves space too as there is no need to find a spot for the upright vacuum cleaner.

Keep Small Things

Keep small items, such as mops and buckets, in one area. This will save you time when cleaning by not having to look for them each time and makes it easier to maintain a schedule if they are kept in pairs.

If you only have one item, then consider buying duplicates so that their locations can be swapped and cleaned together if needed.

Cleanroom Without Going To Start Point

If possible, clean a room without returning to the start point. For example, if you have a bucket of water and cloths for cleaning bathrooms, do not return to get another bucket until the end of the task. This saves steps rather than taking them before each stroke with a mop or cloth.

Minimize Time

Minimize time spent on equipment layout. If equipment locations are not convenient, you will spend more time looking for items and moving them than cleaning the room.

Keep Items In A Single Location

Keep small items in one location. This saves steps when setting up and reduces frustration when they cannot be found during the middle of a task. It also keeps tasks simple if each item is kept together to be set up as a pair.

how to clean hardwood floors

Why Is Floor Cleaning Necessary?

The floor can be a big part of keeping a home, office, or business looking nice and clean. The problem is that the general public often believes that only vacuuming should be done to clean hardwood floors, laminate, or tile floors.

This technique will not remove all dirt and debris from the floor nor reduce the time it takes to remove the debris. Once the dirt is ground into the floor, it becomes harder to remove, causing more time and effort on your part.

You must remove all dirt and debris from the hard floor to reduce long term costs of keeping these floors looking nice and clean.

What Does Scrubbing Wood, Laminate, Or Tile Floors Involve?

Scrubbing your hardwood, laminate, or tile floors means getting on your hands and knees to scrub them with a brush attached to a handle. This allows you to reach the hard-to-get areas of your floor.

Some wood, laminate, and tile floors may have an attached underlay that will need to be removed before you start scrubbing the floor.

The underlay can get in the way of scrubbing the floor properly. Ensure the underlay is not permanently glued down and remove it by pulling it back.

When you get on your hands and knees to scrub the dirt and debris from your floor, make sure to use a solution mixed with water to make it easier for you to remove the large debris.

Flip the brush over to use the bristles instead of an abrasive pad or sponge.

This will allow you to scrub the dirt and debris away without scratching the floor. Spray the solution onto your floor, use your brush to work it into the grout lines, baseboards, and crevices of your hardwood, laminate, or tile floors. Then quickly go over it with a dry towel to soak up the water/solution mixture.

Benefits Of Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning is probably the most tedious activity when in the house. But with regular floor cleaning, you can ensure that your home or apartment remains clean and hygienic. If you have children, this would be important for their health.

There are many benefits of getting floors in your house cleaned routinely.

Cleaner and hygienic flooring

When dirt, dust, or grime accumulates on the floors, it leads to several health problems. For example - Allergies can be caused due to this, which is not suitable for you or your kids.

In addition to affecting the respiratory system, it can even lead to other problems like depression. It is also necessary for your floors to be cleaned if you have pets at home.

The easiest way to keep the dirt and grime at bay is by cleaning your flooring daily or at least once in two days. But this becomes difficult, especially when you are busy with your work life. In such a case, floor cleaners can come to your rescue.

Save Time And Effort

If you have a busy schedule, you don't have much time to clean the floors. It takes away a lot of energy from you, which would be better spent elsewhere. Less cleaning time saves you from multiple hazards, or you can go for weekend cleaning.

But if you think about it, it is not that difficult to clean your floor. All you need is a mop and bucket filled with water and soap suds in it and some time on your hands. If done regularly, it requires only one hour every week or so, which does not seem much considering the benefits of doing it.

Environmental Friendly

Using floor cleaners is environmentally friendly. It makes use of fewer chemicals to clean your floor than most conventional options like bleaching.

essential floor cleaning supplies

Floor Cleaning Supplies

Different products are available in the market that can be used for cleaning floors. They range from specialized chemical solutions to natural methods like vinegar rinse instead of bleach, which is harmful to the environment and can be hazardous if spilled on your skin.

Chemical Solutions

These are harsher chemicals that require more precaution while handling them, and disposal of waste material can also be a huge task.

Some of them may even damage your floor if they come in direct contact with it. So you need to exercise more caution when using these chemicals.

Natural Floor Cleaners

These are more environment-friendly, and their disposal is also less complicated. Some natural floor cleaners include baking soda, lemon juice vinegar, water solution, etc.

Make sure you go through the instructions while buying one for yourself before choosing since they vary from product to product.

Mop and Buckets

If you go for the natural options, you can't avoid doing floor cleaning yourself. You will need a mop and bucket for this purpose.

Make sure that you use separate mops and buckets for different purposes, like one for bathroom floors and the other for the kitchen or the entire house. You can put the equipment where you place does dirty laundry.

Electric Floor Cleaners

These are easy to use and operate floor cleaners that attach themselves to the mop head and clean the floors while you push them along.

Make sure you take these home only if regular and thorough cleaning is impossible for you. They might be costlier than regular mopping, but they are much faster and easier to operate. Whether you want a toilet cleaner or wash dishes, floor cleaners help clean flat surfaces efficiently.

Scrubbers & Brushes

These are used to scrub the floor, mostly made of natural materials like rubber bristles that do not damage the flooring material. Though they are easy to use, it isn't easy to clean them after use, so you need to care while choosing them. You should quickly wipe and follow a cleaning routine to make your house clean and appealing.

Vacuum Cleaners

You can use them to clean the carpets and rugs first; then, you can go ahead with mopping the floors if needed. A floor cleaner will help you complete these house cleaning tasks effectively. YES! Deep clean house with the right cleaning products while putting things together in just a few minutes.

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