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Fas-Track™ Applicator And Mopping Equipment

If you’re looking for quality floor care equipment, this is it. You won’t believe how incredible the Fast-Trak line is until you have given it a try. The entire line is designed with the consumer in mind, making more difficult, time consuming jobs as fast and easy as possible. When we say fast, we mean fast; with the Ultra-Trak concrete edition, you can cover up to 30,000 square feet per hour, depending on the task.  The 28 inch 5 in 1 pressurized application system, plus Micro-Trak, is capable of applying solvent based concrete coatings, Mop-on restorers and cleaning large areas with ease. The machine can also apply carpet chemicals with a Pad-holder attachment and apply floor finishes or sealers at a rate that’s ten time faster than conventional application methods.

Fast-Trak Ultra-Trak Concrete Edition

Not only is this versatile machine fast, it is ecologically responsible, cutting waste products by up to 20%.  The machine is also completely automatic and pressurized. The Ultra-Trak is adjustable, portable and light weight for ease of use and transport. The machine features a built in charger and a battery life of 5 to 7 hours. The Ultra-Trak can be used on tile, terrazzo, gym floors, concrete and many other surfaces. It is ideal for schools, shopping centers, airports and other large spaces. This must have machine can reduce labor costs and increase efficiency while providing quality results. As an added bonus, this machine comes with the Micro-Trak detail applicator. The floor finish machine, highly adjustable machine is a great value and even includes a 10 year warranty on the molded housing. Fast-Trak is dedicated to convenience and customer satisfaction.

Another high-quality, versatile machine made by Fast-Trak  is the Fast Trak Ultra Dry. This professional grade machine helps to increase safety and reduce slips and falls by quickly and effectively drying up spills, puddles and wet floors. This lowers slip-fall liability and is perfect for places where a client or resident’s well being is of prime importance such as hospitals, senior centers, casinos, cruise ships, restaurants and resorts. Owning and using this machine shows that you care about your consumer’s safety and it is incredibly easy to use. The ergonomic design combined with long range drying power make the Ultra-Dry the ultimate choice when deciding on a floor drying solution. The machine features rugged construction and whisper quiet operation, as well as a flashing safety beacon. Simply put, the Ultra-Dry is a 3 in 1 drying solution that allows you to utilize both mops and fans while alerting customers or guests to potential safety hazards.

Fas-track Ultra-Dry

Both the Ultra-Dry and Ultra-Trak are practical, affordable and time saving options that are a worthwhile investment for your business. You can drastically improve safety and efficiency at a great value; consider purchasing these machines and investing in your company’s future.

Trust the Fast-Trak brand to provide you with innovative, efficient and affordable floor care solutions.

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