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Commercial Vacuum Cleaners: Healthier Machines Raise The ROI

Today’s commercial vacuum cleaners are not only being engineered to get the job done but are being designed to be environmentally and ergonomically correct. Those are ambitiously long words that mean commercial vacuum cleaners must not pollute the air or harm workers’ health. Those in the commercial cleaning business are actually finding that those concerns are paying off. Equipment that can help workers be more productive and prevent injuries brings in a return on investment in the equipment secured.

Satisfied workers who operate vacuum cleaners easily without being overcome with back strains, sore muscles, and fatigue, are seeing benefits with new advances in commercial vacuum cleaners. You can expect to hear more exciting news from manufacturers of vacuum cleaners as they continue to debut “healthier” machines.

Here are a few of the ways in which the newer models live up to that description of being “healthy” machines.

  • Lighter in weight: Upright cleaners are impressively lighter than their predecessors. This is great news for workers who have experienced discomfort when using older models. New machines are weighing as little as eight pounds. They also have comfortable handles and controls that are easily reachable.
  • Backpack comfort: The latest backpack machines are not only light but impressively ergonomic. The worker’s key need is a machine that makes it easy for the worker to do a good job with minimal strain. Backpacks answer that need by providing mobility and flexibility. The backpack supports conform to the body. The designs also show that distribution of body weight was kept in mind, and backpacks distribute weight evenly over both hips.
  • HEPA filters: HEPA refers to High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters. Vacuums that release contaminants into the air compromise the health of cleaning workers and everyone who works in the building.. Contaminants such as mold and bacteria trigger respiratory illnesses. Older vacuum cleaners did not address the problem as well as the latest commercial vacuum cleaners. Today’s commercial HEPA vacuums can dramatically reduce the occurrence of dust and dirt in a building’s interior by trapping mold and dust HEPA cleaners can be found in those settings that pose special commercial cleaning requirements such as health facilities, computer labs, and museums.
  • Healthful bonus features: You can expect to find even more health bonuses in today’s commercial vacuum cleaners. Among the many features are handles that can be adjusted to the user’s height; detachable side wands for dusting; and stretch hoses and long wands that the worker can use without having to bend.
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