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Backpack Vacuums: Lightening The Load, Removing The Strain

When it comes to praising new vacuum technology as “green” or “ergonomic,” the highest praise belongs to the new breed of backpack vacuum cleaners. Cleaning experts state that some of the biggest advances in vacuum ergonomics have occurred in backpacks.

Some of the early backpacks were 15 pounds. Comfort for many workers was not a bonus; a frequent complaint was in fact discomfort. New backpacks are lighter than the original machines. They feature body-conforming back supports and harnesses, making them more comfortable to use. Thanks to backpacks, workers worry less about back strain.

With these designs, the dust chamber and motor assembly are in a back-carried machine that is supported on the body by shoulder straps. Workers and household users who once had to cope with too much weight on the shoulders now have that weight shifted against the hips.

What’s more, you need not worry about sacrificing effectiveness for design; backpacks are quite effective at removing dust and dirt.

A number of industries need no convincing that backpack vacuums are well suited for their workers and their needs. They find that backpack models increase worker satisfaction that they can work easier and at the same time do a good day’s work. They know they can clean easier and more comfortably in tight spaces in hotel rooms, movie theatres, and school auditoriums than with their older, hand-pushed traditional vacuums. They can move faster and cover more space in less time than with the old models.

Here are just a few of the industries enjoying the design and use of backpacks:

  • Transportation: Lightweight wands and ergonomic designs enable cleanups in a hurry for the next run.
  • Medical: Medical environments are controlled spaces where sanitation is of utmost importance. HEPA backpack models are available, designed specifically for medical facilities, clean rooms and computer labs.
  • Construction: Geared toward the construction industry, backpack technology today includes a versatile type of backpack machine that comes with blower functions.


  • Libraries: Special backpack models can work in places such as doctor’s offices and reading rooms where quiet, low-decibel machinery is a must. Cleaning can occur during regular business hours without complaints from site occupants.

Managers in the market for backpacks and hoping for worker satisfaction should look for backpacks that do not weigh more than 11 pounds. Also check out the harness: this can also determine whether or not the backpack brings real comfort to the user. Padded, adjustable harnesses and belts are ideal.

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