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Wet/Dry Vacuums: Conveniently Sized For Big And Small Tasks

Anyone working with dirt, grime and liquids marked for cleanup knows that having the wrong cleaning tool can make the cleanup task a long, intensive royal hassle. That is why versatile wet/dry vacuums have become essential for homes and businesses alike.

Wet/dry vacuums are especially useful when trying to keep rooms clean and dry, especially in light of today’s unpredictable and extreme weather patterns. Wet/dry vacuums have rescued many a basement and its belongings beset by flooding. Modern wet/dry vacuum technology has met the challenge.

Wet/dry vacuum cleaners, just as their name implies, are specialty pieces of equipment that can pick up debris or clean flooded floors.

Although wet/dry vacuum cleaners are well suited for workshop areas and basements, they are great tools for any setting where there is a clogged mess. Wet/dry models are great cleaning helpers from basement to workshop to kitchen areas. No matter where, wet/dry cleaners can resolve all those day to day spills caused by machines, humans and pets.

Here are some of the choices available today:

  • Small models: These are wall-mount pieces designed for places where space is limited and equipment must be as far away as possible from targeted work areas. Small wall-mount vacuums for workshops are about 1.5 HP. These are useful when the need is for about a 1-gallon tank, for quick tasks. Convenience is a key factor in small models, as they can be stored on a wall-mounted rack. They are easy to fetch for any mess and place back when the task is done.
  • Larger models: These are less noisy than smaller models. They have a capacity of at least 10 gallons and they have greater horsepower. When the task is considerable, you obviously want to go with as model that can absorb as much water as possible, and larger models will not disappoint. Besides, you don’t have to empty the tank as often.

You will indeed find impressive choices in wet/dry vacuums on the market with powerful motors and tanks designed for the most rigorous jobs.

Commercial-grade wet/dry vacuums have really started to pack on powerful features. Motors are heavy-duty, vacuum filters are quite effective in extending the life of the machine, and drum capacity has expanded. One example is a model that sports two 1500 watt motors with a capacity of over 23 gallons.

For sites that need special attention to indoor air quality, a wet/dry HEPA model not only takes care of debris under chairs, tables and booths but delivers HEPA filtration. Dirt and dust particles are captured, which is a bonus for improving air quality indoors.

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