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Using An Auto Scrubber

Using an auto scrubber can be ideal for cleaning large floors that would otherwise require extensive labor. A large athletic facility, for example, could take a full day to clean if each step of the process required its own motion or piece of equipment. The benefit an auto scrubber provides to anyone charged with this type of cleanup is simple. It puts almost all of those motions into one fluid step.

Battery Scrubber

The first step in wood floor cleanup or maintaining a rubber floor is to sweep it. Next, a combination of scrubbing and mopping will occur, depending on the nature of the floor and its condition. An automatic scrubber can scrub and clean a floor while vacuuming it simultaneously, cutting the time it takes to clean a floor in half. It is always a good idea to remove excess dirt and dust from a floor before using a scrubber. This will lead to a shinier buff and reduce the number of times a glossy floor needs to be refinished. When dirt and dust are left behind, a scrubber can grind the tiny particles into the floor finish.

Choosing the right type of cleaner is important when using a scrubber. The machine will do the heavy lifting, but proper research into the types of cleaners that are appropriate for different floors is necessary. Using the wrong cleaner can have a lasting negative impact on the appearance and performance of the floor surface. For industrial applications, this may not be as important. In academic, hospitality and health care environments, however, the use of proper chemicals is a top priority.

There is also an alternative to using the harsh chemicals often associated with industrial floor cleanup. Using water as the main cleaning agent can produce results that are just as good as those with heavy duty chemicals. The restorative power of steam can work wonders for a floor.

No matter what an organization chooses to use on its floors, the right equipment can improve its sanitation routine a great deal. Rather than investing time and energy of multiple employees in floor maintenance, an individual who is skilled and trained to use a scrubber should be able to handle the task alone. Ensuring proper safety when using heavy machinery can be difficult, but first steps toward it include education, training and accountability.

Automatic Scrubber

Businesses who plan to purchase scrubbers and use them on a regular basis should hire a trained professional to operate them, or they should invest in training for current employees. Making sure that the equipment is used properly can increase the life of the equipment, and it will guarantee the best result possible once the job is completed.

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