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Have A Wet Dry Vacuum Boost Winter Sales

Of all the appliances a consumer can have in the home, a wet dry vacuum can get a person out a tough spot like no other. In the average household, such an appliance is one of the last to be purchased. Even though high-tech vacuums are becoming widespread in North America, the increase of features is not improving the way they clean. Consumers looking for a good floor care device need a prod in the right direction.

Rather than relegating the wet dry vac to the garage, consider pushing for a mid-winter boost in sales. By education your customers about the benefits of having a vacuum that can handle wet messes as well as heavy-duty dry ones, you can tap into new opportunity for your business.

Poly Wet/Dry Tank


There are many benefits to households of every size to highlight to your customers:

  • Being ready for large leaks. Depending on the size and setup of a person’s home, water leaks can be devastating. Having a powerful vacuum on hand to help displace the water once the leak has been fixed can be the difference between permanent damage and a quick cleanup of surface water. Demonstrate the benefits of using a wet dry vac to pickup water, versus hiring a professional water removal service. Be sure to review the different capacities of each vacuum and create an adequate comparison to a real-life situation. This way your customers will understand how the vacuum can benefit them.
  • Enough power for any sized mess. While there are plenty of powerful cleaners on the market, those designed for both wet and dry jobs have high horsepower across the board. Not only will your patrons be adding value to their purchase by increasing the utility of the cleaner, but they will also get more power for their money. Review the different levels of peak horsepower for each manufacturer or model and explain them in simple terms so that they mean more than a number.
  • An appliance for the future. Many people dream of their own home filled with everything they need. In reality, most people rent their homes, and few have every appliance they need in a given year. Although some appliances may be a waste of money if they are purchased for a rented property, a durable wet and dry vac can improve a family’s life anywhere they dwell. Buying one of these cleaners can help at times when no other device will, but it can also help a family grow into a larger or more permanent space.
HEPA Extractor Vacuum


As with all vacuum cleaners, the type of service being cleaned impacts the type of cleaner a retailer should recommend. By understanding the full range of products available and determining the best real-world application for each, you can add value to the lives of the customers you interact with everyday. Spend some time educating your customers this winter and get ready for better sales.

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