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The Benefits Of Concrete Floor Polishing

No matter what industry you work in, creating a work environment that minimizes barriers to your success should be a top priority. For many people, this involves selecting the best possible real estate. Retailers must select a location that suits their business model, positions them within their target demographic and provides adequate space for growth. What goes on inside the space to prepare it for success is equally important, and often overlooked.

The appearance and quality of flooring in a retail environment have a substantial impact on the space. The utility of the type of floor should also be considered. Concrete floor polishing is an ideal solution for businesses that want a beautiful floor that is durable and requires less maintenance that typical concrete, wood or linoleum. The benefits of a polished concrete floor are numerous. Besides having a solid foundation for your business that will last well into the future, you can select any number of colors or patterns, and you can determine how glossy you want the finish to be.


Other benefits to polished concrete include:

Reduced overall cost. Cost is a major concern in selecting floor for a large space. Wood is beautiful, but it can be extremely costly, not to mention the ongoing maintenance costs associated with wood floor. Concrete is less expensive in the long term, because it will last longer and is much easier to maintain.

No finishing, waxing or sealing. Any floor will require some type of finishing. Linoleum, for example, must be sealed and resealed over time to protect it from excessive wear. Some types of concrete need to be resealed as well, but the benefit of polished concrete is that it must only be sealed once at the beginning of the process. An impregnating sealer is applied to harden the concrete, making it more durable and resistant to damage.

Lasting benefits for retail. Once you have selected polished concrete floor, you will surprised at the ongoing benefits. Your space will feel bright and clean due to its highly reflective nature. Cleaning up spills will be much easier than an unpolished floor, which is particularly important in the case of a harsh chemical spill.

Ease of care. Caring for and maintaining a polished concrete floor is simpler than you might think. Since there are no topical finishes necessary, a standard cleaning regimen using any number of floor cleaning products will help maintain your floor’s luster. This is particularly appealing in situations where regular floor refinishing is not an option.

Beyond the physical benefits of concrete floors, choosing to polish them will make the work of your custodial staff less complicated. Businesses often have difficulty maintaining the appearance of their floors because they lack the staff necessary for the task. Even if you have adequate staff, training them in proper procedure can be costly and difficult.

Like any major decision, the type of flooring you choose for your business can impact it greatly. Always consult a professional before choosing an interior finish like flooring.

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