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Concrete Polishing — The Full Package Solution For Flooring.


Do you know what makes a huge impact on facility management but is often overlooked? Look down. The floor. Successful retail and restaurant chains realize this, and incorporate the floor in store presentation in a big way. It seems obvious that a polished appearance is key to being inviting to customers, but what if you’re a facility with a dull concrete floor?

Consider polishing. Here’s why it matters even if you don’t have outside foot traffic:


Cracks and pits in your concrete floor pose a significant safety risk. Injuries in the workplace are much more likely when there are trip hazards lurking beneath our feet, often times in darkened areas. Dust from eroding concrete can make a floor slippery, causing people and machines to lose traction and fall. No one wants that. Polishing your floor levels everything out, hardens the floor surface, and reduces dust dramatically. It also brightens up the facility, keeping everyone happier and more alert.


As well as compromising safety, uneven crumbling floor surfaces can also cost you.

Machine maintenance is expensive. Forklifts, for example, take an additional beating from the inside out from jarring and banging over floor damage. Our friends at Floorgen Concrete Polishing tell us that their unique process, Luminizing™, closes off the surface of the floor and eliminates any dust. This lowers maintenance costs by keeping equipment, machinery and inventory clean and free from concrete dust.

Utilities are a huge expense. This floor solution can actually increase ambient light by up to 30%. This provides a brighter, safer environment with no increase in electric lighting costs. That’s cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Win-win.

Other floor treatments don’t last. Polished concrete has a strength and longevity that’s difficult to match. Epoxy and urethane coatings look great. For a while. They are high maintenance and have a short lifespan, leaving you with problems and additional cost much more frequently than you’d like. Vinyl tile is costly, high maintenance, and easily damaged. A well done polished concrete floor is naturally strong and can last 20 years with little more than some basic sweeping and mopping. It will be rubber and scuff resistant, too.

Click here for a comparative chart on the attributes of various floor coverings.


There are so many choices that open up for you when you decide to get your concrete floors polished. Finishes can be matte or polished to a glasslike, reflective finish. Concrete can be stained or dyed for a vibrant, updated look. How impressive would your company logo look dyed right into your floor? Exposed aggregate in the concrete takes on a new life after polishing. Like firing clay in a kiln, the elements in the material take on color and provide a natural and unique look.

If you’re considering updating your building, and you’re looking for a durable, safe, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for your flooring, the answer could be in the concrete right beneath your feet!

We offer concrete polishing machines, tooling, concrete vacuums, and more. Click to browse our main site HERE.


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