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5 Ways Clean Floors Generate A Profitable Business

There’s an old saying from the age of the Industrial Revolution: if the floor shines, the building shines. A working environment can make or break the success of a business. The work that happens within the building is shaped by the building itself.

One of the easiest ways to boost your company’s productivity is to build a positive working environment. The first step in doing so comes with the first step into the building (and all the consecutive steps after that).

Clean floors create a productive business. This, in turn, lends itself to higher profits.

Why should your company care about having clean floors?

1. First Impressions


Studies show that people have a tendency to look below eye level. This means a clean floor makes an impression before anything else in the room. If seven seconds is the average length of time you have to make a first impression, you want your lobby floor—the first thing people to see— to look impeccable.

Aren’t you more likely to go into a restaurant with spotless, well-maintained floors than a restaurant that lets spills and stains pile up?

Your clients and employees feel the same way. By having consistently clean floors, you produce a professional atmosphere that shows you pay attention to details. This can boost the perception of your company, protect your business’ reputation, and leave a great impression on vendors, clients, and employees.

2. Morale

shutterstock_378601141Did you know that lingering dust and germs may actually be the cause of your employees’ diminished motivation? Unclean surfaces breed headaches, breathing problems, tiredness, and overall energy drops in employees.

A clean area, though, reduces stress and improves energy and satisfaction. By taking care of your floors, it shows that you care about the space in which your employees work. It shows that you care about them.

This can boost the morale and mood of employees, making them more productive. The title of this Forbes article says it all: happy employees = hefty profits.

3. Health


Along with energy levels, a dirty floor can have drastic health consequences. The average worker loses around 9 working days per year due to illness, and this creates a company loss of 54% on these sick days.

How does the floor play a role, though? You don’t touch the floor, right? Wrong. Someone drops a pen on the floor, and later puts that pen in their mouth while they’re thinking. Someone puts their bag down on the floor, and then later places that same bag on top of the office kitchen table while getting out their lunch. Germs and bacteria from an unclean floor are easily spread—and considerably harmful.

Sanitizing and cleaning the floors prohibits the spread of nasty bacteria and keeps your employees that much healthier. Healthy workers are productive workers. Productive workers means more profit.

4. Safety


A clean floor reduces your liability and risk for accident or injury. If there’s a spill, you need to have the tools and manpower to clean it up before anyone slips and gets hurt, which can potentially generate a lawsuit. Liberty Mutual Insurance’s Research Institute found that one fall costs a business an average of $22,500. That’s a lot of money for an unclean floor.

Two of the major causes of lobby trips are outdoor weather conditions and unwanted litter. Adding floor mats and trashcans is a simple way to protect your business from liability, while also creating a more welcoming and productive space.

5. Floor Life


Good floors, especially carpet and hardwood, are expensive assets that can be a major cost to replace. Investing in commercial cleaning equipment can extend the life of your floor, creating a better depreciation value for your books. These cleaning equipment products also allow the cleaning process to be more effective and efficient, making your janitorial staff happier and more productive.

A clean floor and a clean space create a positive moneymaking chain by raising morale à which boosts productivity à which leads to higher profits. Creating a good first impression makes your clients more likely to trust your company, and it helps your employees recognize your company’s care for their health, wellbeing, and safety.


If you’re ready to boost productivity, effectiveness, and profits through a sparkling floor, Floorcare has the resources and support to find the best commercial cleaning products for your business.

If you’re considering updating your building, and you’re looking for a durable, safe, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for your flooring, the answer could be in the concrete right beneath your feet!

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