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Post-Construction Cleaning Checklist


Some of the most crucial bids a cleaning service will make in the realm of commercial cleaning will be in places that haven't even seen foot traffic. For instance, post-construction cleaning is a vital service at the end of any large-scale building project.

When a construction project is over, the next stage is a comprehensive inspection of the job site to ensure everything is clean, safe, organized, and properly stored. This final tour typically includes a construction punch list to ensure that all loose ends are tied up, damages are repaired, and the property is up to code. A personalized post-construction cleaning checklist is one approach to ensure that all of these tasks are completed.

So, if you want a comprehensive list of everything you require (from tools to the actual cleanup procedure) after a construction process, here is an all-out checklist for your post-construction cleanup needs.

Why Do You Need a Post Construction Cleaning Checklist?

First off, why do you need a post-construction cleaning checklist in the first place? After all, aren't you just going to be cleaning up a bit of dirt and grime?

The answer is a resounding no.

In fact, if you don't approach post-construction cleanup with a plan and a system, you'll likely find that the task at hand is much more daunting than you initially thought. You could easily overlook something important or fail to clean an area completely if you're not careful.This is where a post-construction cleaning checklist comes in handy. By having a detailed plan of action, you can be sure that every nook and cranny is accounted for and that the job is done right the first time.

What is a Post-Construction Cleanup Checklist?

A post-construction cleaning checklist is a thorough list that categorizes the various locations of a post-construction workplace for cleaning. It enables personnel to stroll through each location and identify any cleanup activities that must be completed before the project is considered finished.

To be considered a successful cleanup, it must be precise, efficient, and thorough when conducting a post-construction cleaning walkthrough. It is advised to check your work as you go if you can recall these three items. You need to assess whether you meet all these bullet points so that your post-construction cleaning process can be established as a success.

Ready to Clean Up? Here's a General Post Construction Cleaning Checklist You Can Use for Any Site!

Your post-construction cleaning checklist should be used as a reference to assist employees in inspecting all construction areas, including floors, windows, and ceilings, as well as external features and the removal of trash and rubbish. Here's what you should include:

Entrances & Exits

All entrance doors to the building should be inspected and cleaned. These are the first locations that the new owner will notice when they arrive on the property.

  • Dust the exterior lights.
  • Clean the windows.
  • Check that all of the lights are working correctly.
  • Clean the doors, window frames, and doorknobs.
  • Entrances should be swept, including thresholds and the area around the door.
  • Sweep and clean porches.
  • Meticulously wash the walkway and driveway to remove construction dust, debris, and dirt.


Living/Common Areas

The living rooms and communal areas are one of the most visited areas in a workplace. Thus, it is required that it be clear, tidy, well-lit, and devoid of debris. All evidence that you were working there should be removed. Make sure that:

  • Surfaces and floors are swept and cleaned by vacuum.
  • There is no leftover construction debris.
  • All lights are operational and free of dust.
  • Doorknobs and light switches are clean.
  • Windows, window sills, and window tracks are cleaned and dusted.
  • There was no trace of paint from hinges, on the flooring, or on scuff marks on the walls.
  • Trash is disposed of.
  • Doors and doorframes are cleaned appropriately.

Kitchens, Dining Rooms, and Pantries

Cooking and dining areas can be a few of those tricky places full of cracks, crevices, and spaces that are sometimes ignored. Making sure that the kitchen area is clean and everything is in working order is an important part of finishing a building project.

  • Dust all shelves and counters
  • Clean the inside of the appliances.
  • Clean the insides of cabinets and drawers.
  • Ensure that every cabinet hardware is clean and secure.
  • Sweep and vacuum/mop floors
  • Clean the windows, the window sills, and the window tracks.
  • Take out the trash.
  • Clean the sink and backsplash.
  • Clean all the fixtures and finishes.


Although one of the smallest rooms in a construction project, bathrooms need the most attention when it comes to cleaning. The good news is that a post-construction bathroom cleaning checklist can make things much easier for you.

  • The sink, tub, and shower should all be cleaned and sanitized.
  • The toilet should be cleaned and disinfected.
  • All tiles should be scrubbed clean, paying special attention to grout lines.
  • The floor should be mopped and all trash removed.
  • All mirrors should be cleaned and streak-free.
  • All cabinet hardware should be cleaned and secure.
  • All towel racks, toilet paper holders, and light fixtures should be dusted and cleaned.
  • All shelves should be dusted. Windows, window sills, and window tracks should be cleaned.


Specific and Interior Rooms

Some workplace establishments allot specific interior rooms for the necessary needs of their workplace. That being said, these allotted rooms should be ensured to be as clean as possible to maintain sanitation and hygiene for the safety of employees using the said rooms.

  • All appliances should be thoroughly cleaned on the inside and outside.
  • Disinfect the cabinets and drawers.
  • Clean all of the mirrors.
  • Sweep away any residual debris.
  • Clear up all closets.
  • Disinfect tables, drawers, and desks.
  • Provide trash cans for communal production areas.
  • Remove unnecessary and unwarranted belongings in common areas, especially in potential workspaces.

Garages & Carports

Most garages and carports go through a lot of wear and tear from tools, cars, and weather conditions. It is important to make sure that these areas are as clean as possible to prevent any accidents from happening.

  • Sweep and clean all floors.
  • Wash all walls, doors, and windows.
  • Clean and organize all storage shelves.
  • Ensure that all electrical outlets are working properly.
  • Remove any oil or grease stains from the floor.

Landscaping/Outdoor Spaces

The final stage on your post-construction cleaning checklist should be a thorough examination of the property's exterior. This includes ensuring that any packing, tape, plastic, and other construction signs are removed from the property and properly disposed of.

  • Take out all trash from the property.
  • Power wash the walkways.
  • Sweep the whole porch, deck, and patio.
  • Clean the garage door and the mailbox.

Pay close attention to detail, and don't cut corners anywhere. Even if you haven't submitted a proposal for your client yet, you should be thinking about all of these areas during your walkthrough because these are all potential upsells that you can add to your proposal.

Moreover, you should also ask questions during the walkthrough so that the prospect can better understand what they expect from you as a licensed commercial cleaner.caution-wet-floor-yellow-signboard-openspace-office-against-cleaner

Post-Construction Cleaning Tips

Know Your Cleaning Process through Precision

Precision is critical to maintaining your reputation as a post-construction cleaning service.  This entails taking as many notes as possible during your initial tour with the prospect. Much like a regular commercial cleaning bid, you will meet with your customer ahead of time and visit the area to record facts regarding the scope of the work on the construction site.

You can opt to use an app for post-construction cleaning walkthroughs, which allows you to be more exact in your services by providing more data and information than you can record manually. Aside from utilizing an app for your post-construction walkthrough, you can bring a pencil and paper, an eraser, and a camera to snap images. You won't need to bring your cleaning products until you've finalized the plan and the bid.

Stand Out by Being Efficient

As any cleaning contractor would expect, the cleanup process should be efficient when completing a post-construction cleaning service. However, this can be difficult if the site is huge or there is a lot of building trash. 

To be efficient, make sure you have everything you need to analyze the site on hand and that you have reviewed adequate information ahead of time to know how much time and money other commercial cleaners would spend on the same job requirement.

Remember that you want to work swiftly while doing the job well. So make use of the cutting-edge tools at your disposal to set yourself apart with your speed and service.

Get the Job Done by Being Thorough

If you want to establish a reputation as the best option for a post-construction cleaning service accessible to all, then you must be meticulous in your work. One of the most effective methods to accomplish this is to make a general checklist for yourself that you can take from site to site. The checklist should include all of the primary cleaning objectives as well as some extra room for notes. Alongside a general checklist, a site visit is necessary to assess the specific needs of the construction site you are working on.


Setting a Price For Your Cleaning Services

As a post-construction cleaner, going digital is by far the quickest and most efficient way to manage your accounts and contracts. Let's take the process a step further.

The typical cleaning day lasts eight hours. The average number of workers required is four, with each earning $25.00 per hour. With those values in mind, you can approximately compute the cost of a normal day. This is usually between $750.00 and $1,300.00.

With these fundamental pieces of information, you can estimate some of your additional costs as you travel through the house. In addition, if you use the resources recommended in this post, you'll know how to answer your client's inquiries and learn new things on your own.

Wrap Up

A post-construction cleaning service is a great way to get into the commercial cleaning business. It's important to be efficient, precise, and detailed when working with customers to establish a good reputation for your business.

You should also have a general checklist of items to clean as well as specific details about the construction site you're working on. It's also important to have a system to manage your accounts and contracts. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to providing an excellent post-construction cleaning service.New call-to-action

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