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Commercial Floor Cleaning: Proper Care For Your Business’ Floors

Keeping a company’s floors presentable is a major concern for business owners. That’s why commercial floor cleaning tools and machines are big sellers these days. Commercial floor cleaning eliminates dust mites and allergens that can be bothersome to customers and creates a presentable environment.

Thanks to these types of machines, what once took hours to clean, sweep or vacuum a floor now takes only a fraction of the time— not to mention it cuts labor costs! This allows the business’s janitorial staff to move on to more productive tasks, which helps the machine pay for itself over a short amount of time.

There are various machines used to wash, scrub, polish, and remove debris from just about any floor material or carpet. Depending on the surface of the floor (carpeted, hardwood, marble, etc.), there is a variety of options available. Commercial floor machines include everything from scrubbers and polishers, to buffers and sweepers. Determining the type of machine you want is commonly based on the job being performed. In addition to having the proper floor cleaning equipment, it’s important to have the correct chemicals.

Multipurpose System


The most popular types of cleaning machines for floors include floor scrubbing machines and floor buffing machines. A floor-scrubbing machine works to clean and polish a floor’s surface. It removes dirt and bacteria for hygienic reason and provides a shiny aesthetic that can attract new customers. A floor buffing machine is an essential investment and can yield major profits for cleaning businesses as it is used for a variety of reasons, such as waxing, stripping, cleaning, painting, etc. Both of these machines provide long-lasting results in a short period of time.

As the industry grows, high-productivity products are revolutionizing the commercial floor cleaning industry. More business owners are turning to hard-surface floors as their floor covering of choice, meaning there is more use for commercial floor machines.

It’s important to choose a commercial floor machine based on efficiency. Choose a model or make that lets you complete the job at hand in fewer steps. Factors that can cut cleaning time include the length of battery life, whether it’s a ride-on vs. upright model, if the equipment requires more than one person to operate, and cleaning chemicals as some increase the time in between washes. All of these variables can cut costs, which is important since we are recovering from a recession.

Automatic Battery Scrubber


Commercial floor cleaning machines are available for purchase as well as for lease depending on your budget. Depending on model and make, prices range from $500 to upwards of $3,000. With the current state of the economy, sales of floor care equipment are down, and leasing of equipment has gone up. Whether you choose to rent or buy is best determined on how long your business’s lease is how often you sanitize and polish your floors, how many rooms are in the business and your budget.

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