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Best Of Floor Cleaning Machines

With hundreds of varieties of floor cleaning machines flooding the market, floor care professionals often search for a review of some of the best floor machines available. What criteria should you scrutinize when comparing floor care machines?

First, look at durability. How long will the machine last? Cheaper machines might save in the short run, but if they need to be replaced twice as often, it isn’t necessarily a buyer’s bargain. Also consider the cleaning path of the machine and how quickly it can complete tasks. Investing in a quick, effective machine will save you considerably on personnel over the life of the machine. The longer the life, the more value is added in the buyer’s favor. Maintenance is another major concern. If a machine will require costly maintenance, or if parts are expensive and difficult to replace, it might not be a good investment. Finally, it is always important to consider price. Buying the cheapest machine is rarely the best option. Never shop by price alone, keeping in mind that there is much more to a floor machine than its price. Furthermore, the lasting value of the machine will always outweigh the cost over time.

When it comes to the most efficient, effective machines that offer a host of features and uses, industry darling Onfloor produces some of the most versatile floor car machines available today. Spec for spec, they perform on every level. Consider the Onfloor54 and Swoop34 concrete polishing systems as a case study.

Multi-purpose machines have their place, but most contractors require a machine that is especially designed to deliver quick, high quality performance in a specialized area. But maintenance costs have long precluded many contractors from buying in the specialized market. The Onfloor54 offers serious effectiveness in concrete grinding and polishing, with a wide 54-inch work path. The design takes ongoing maintenance to heart, making it easy and affordable to keep it running like new with ordinary tools. Three independently motored heads provide the work path, with each bowl receiving 5 horse power from durable independent motors. The heads float independently from each other, delivering an extraordinarily smooth finish.

This usable machine is also surprisingly comfortable, with special design features that reduce fatigue and increase the effectiveness of the operator. It features an adjustable handle that floats to the operator’s height. The heavy motors are also easy to service, with a standard lift system that makes swapping out machine heads quick and care free.

Speed is seriously important, especially with the demand of fast paved contractors. For a quick concrete cleaning job, take a look at the Swoop34 rotary polisher. It is one of Onfloor’s quicker machines, and it offers direct drive motors with a work path of 34 inches. The manufacturer estimates that a single operator can finish a 5,000 square foot concrete floor in a single work day.

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