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How To Market Your Cleaning Services To Gyms And Fitness Centers

Today, more than ever, gyms are the new social scene. People have grown tired of their stationary lives and are looking for ways to get out and connect with others while also getting in shape. This is where your cleaning services come in!

Gyms can be a perfect way to advertise your business because many people who belong to these clubs will want their facilities clean at all times so that they can feel confident about being there. If you're looking for some guidance on marketing strategies that work well when trying to target this demographic, then read on below!

Cleaning gyms and fitness centers are no different. Even though you might not think of it at first, there are ways that this can be done successfully. This blog post will discuss how to market your cleaning services to gyms and fitness centers!

Can you also add testimonials from other clients? But make sure that the comments are genuine. You don't want to lie because people are smart, and it won't take them long to figure out that all the reviews are fake. The result will be that they'll ignore you altogether.

Is Gym And Fitness Marketing Strategy Beneficial?

You can also keep your site updated by adding pictures of different areas in your gym/fitness center. Allow people to see what's available through photos? Instead of having to call you for all the details!

It's also good to have an online calendar to know when the Gym is open and what programs are running at different times. This way, they can find out about your services in detail? Before even setting foot inside your establishment!

Before long, people will be flocking to your website ? and this is where the marketing really begins! You have to capitalize on that interest as much as possible by offering them special offers and discount packages.

Should you also pay close attention to your Google ranking? Because people will start with a search engine before even looking at your site. That's why it should be well-optimized, and all the meta tags should be used correctly.

Gym Cleaning Services 

Another good idea is to create a mailing list that people can join so you can update them on all the latest developments in your gym/fitness center.

This will also work to your advantage because people will have no choice but to sign up if they want to find out more.

The web is a great way to market your cleaning services to fitness centers because it allows you to be close even when you're miles apart.

Doesn't it matter whether people are in New York or California? As long as your website is up and running, then they'll have no problem finding all the information they need.

What Is A Gym And Fitness Center Cleaning Service?

Part of the health and fitness industry focuses on providing interior and exterior cleaning services, with or without janitorial services, to commercial gyms/health clubs (ex. YMCA, Fitness First).

The key to successful marketing is patience. It does take time before you get the results you want? But if you keep working hard and stay focused, you'll be surprised by how many people contact you once they find out about your Gym.

What's more, there are so many options available for advertising online that even if one strategy doesn't work for you? You can simply try another. It is a win-win situation all around!

Health and Fitness Industry - an industry concerned with providing products and services related to fitness, health, beauty, sports nutrition, relaxation, exercise, weight loss, etc.

The main participants are the gym/fitness center owners or managers who provide facilities for people to stay fit by working out in their own time while paying a fee for this service.

More About Gym And Fitness Cleaning

They are also responsible for the day-to-day running of the facilities, including marketing, booking classes, etc. Other participants are personal trainers or instructors who run fitness classes in various locations such as parks and sports centers.

Their main aim is to bring people together to exercise, improve their health and well-being by burning calories, and improve physical fitness.

People who have a gym/fitness center usually need to clean the building from time to time. They often don't have enough staff to take care of this task because their main focus is on selling their services and encouraging people to buy memberships for them.

That's where a professional cleaning company comes in; they can provide all kinds of gym/fitness center cleaning services from one-off cleans to daily, weekly or monthly contracts.

In this case, the owner doesn't have to worry about a thing because it's all been taken care of by the professional company that stands behind their work 100%.

What Do Cleaning Services To Gyms And Fitness Centers Include?

A gym or fitness center is frequented mainly by individuals who are health conscious. This means they put in the extra mile to make sure they work out regularly and maintain an active lifestyle. One of the most common household chores that these people neglect is cleaning their homes.  

As a result,  it would be necessary for the gym owners to hire a cleaning service company that can help them maintain the cleanliness of their facilities.    

Cleaners working in such facilities must be trained and skilled enough to use vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, and mops around fitness machines without damaging them. Gyms and fitness centers are unique spaces for they comprise both open areas and closed rooms.

For instance, a yoga room must be swept and cleaned even if it is not used often to prevent the accumulation of dirt that may end up causing health conditions such as asthma. The fitness centers cleaning services include gym equipment and commercial cleaning services within the fitness club.

Marketing Your Cleaning Services To Gyms And Fitness Centers:

There are several ways to market your cleaning services to gyms and fitness centers. This includes;

  • Creating flyers and brochures
  • Organizing open house events
  • Participating in trade shows
  • Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc can be used to make your company well known to potential clients.
  • Online marketing is the key to reaching out to a wider customer base.


Gyms and fitness centers are always looking for reliable cleaning companies that can help them maintain their buildings.

This means you only need to use effective marketing strategies to reach out to your prospective clients, who will serve as your foot in the door to expand your customer base. Let's dive into the gym marketing ideas!

Why Do You Need To Get Creative With Fitness Marketing Strategies?

As a cleaning service business owner, you need to be creative with your marketing strategies to increase sales and expand your service range.  

Keeping this in mind, an alternative way that can supplement or even replace traditional marketing methods is fitness marketing.

This type of marketing usually involves providing cleaning services for gymnasiums, fitness centers, and health clubs.

As the name suggests, the target market here comprises people who work out in gyms and fitness centers: bodybuilders, athletes, athletes-in-training, and other individuals who exercise frequently.

If you offer specialized cleaning services for this group of clients, rest assured that your business will be on the right growth path.

What Are The Benefits Of Marketing To Fitness Centers?

The following are some of the factors you should know about fitness marketing:

You can get a lot of clients from this market segment by using conventional methods such as door hangers, targeted email campaigns, and flyers. If you don't have a Google Analytics account, don't worry. 

However, it will take a  lot of time and effort to get in touch with potential customers this way.

If you want to speed up the process, try online social media marketing and SEO strategies. It can boost your brand awareness in a short period.

No seasonal fluctuations affect sales when you market your services to fitness centers. People who work out in fitness centers are generally aware that they need to exercise throughout the year, so business is always on a roll.

Gyms and fitness centers usually have a steady cash flow, so it's easy for you to collect payment from clients. On top of this, there will be no problems with slow payments if you market your products and services to this segment.

Your potential clients in fitness centers are very loyal. So, by providing a high level of service, you can easily retain your existing clientele and attract new customers.

What Are Some Of The Cleaning Services You Can Offer To Fitness Centers?

When marketing to fitness centers, you should be aware that gyms and fitness centers require a specialized type of cleaning service. Here are some examples:

  • Trash removal
  • Bathroom sanitizing Includes public areas such as locker rooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • Window washing, including lobby windows, glass partitions, sliding glass doors;  and Other services depending on the Gym or fitness center you are catering to.

You should also know that some people exercise alone in the early hours of the morning. Consequently, you can offer special services during this time slot like vacuuming and mopping of floors; wiping down equipment; emptying trash cans; cleaning mirrors, and more.

Gyms and Fitness Centers - a place where people go to stay fit! There are various types of gyms, including those that offer aerobic, bodybuilding, martial arts, dance classes, and personal training.


If you are in the cleaning services industry, your marketing strategy should include gyms and fitness centers. Gyms and fitness centers are always looking for a company to keep their facilities clean. They want to look good to their members while also ensuring they are healthy.

You will need to promote yourself as a service provider willing to work with these businesses on their needs. When it comes time for them to hire cleaning services, they want the absolute best service possible at the most competitive price.

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