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Why Buy A Heavy Duty Vacuum For Large Businesses?

Resurfacing a floor can be a labor intensive operation. Depending on the size of the space, it can be completely overwhelming to most contractors. The average size of a big box retailer in the United States is anywhere from 180,000 to 250,000 square feet, according to the New Rules Project. This translates into roughly 5 acres of floor surface. Finding the resources to finish the floor is only half the battle. In addition to considerable time, labor and equipment requirements, most jobs lead to a drawn-out cleanup process.

Refinishing a concrete floor, for example, creates massive amounts of dust that must be removed immediately. For most jobs, an industrial sweeper or heavy duty vacuum will help mitigate debris and harmful dust. These machines slow down operation time and are an added expense. If you extrapolate the load out to the scale of most large businesses, using traditional tools really is not feasible on several levels. The cost to rent or purchase the equipment and the manpower required to operate all of it would drive most contractors out of bidding range. As an alternative, some innovative manufacturers are tooling their heavy duty floor care machines with native vacuum components that cut the job time considerably.

Creteboss is a formidable floor care machine that combines best-in-class technology with a highly effective heavy duty vacuum. Its capacity to multi-task is unrivaled in the industry. Patented, proprietary systems make this elite machine the perfect replacement for old, outdated equipment. It can polish 54 inches in a single pass. Or, it can deliver more than 1,500 pounds of continuous grinding pressure. Whether you are grinding or polishing, each of the three planetary bowls are also connected to a vacuum. No more messy cleanup after the job is done. For the jobs that take extra vacuum power, the DoubleVac lets you apply the impressive 500 cfm suction to a dedicated vacuum stage.

As a bonus, this machine is a rider, making all of this productivity possible for a single operator. Onfloor has taken great care to reduce the maintenance requirements on their machines as well. The Creteboss also hosts an automatic filtering system called Autoblast. The 200 square feet of filter is automatically cleaned continuously, requiring less frequent stops than the average machine. All of its vital components can be maintained with household tools as well. This saves even more time with maintenance.

If you plan to offer floor preparation services to any of the larger retailers, bringing the right tools could be the difference between repeat business and failure.

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