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Two Compact HEPA Vacuums With Commercial Quality

The Enviromaster® U-12 Upright Single Motor vacuum is ideal for both hard floors and carpeted areas. It has all of the features that you might expect from a commercial compact upright vacuum, and it also includes some special capabilities.

It is easy to get into tight spaces with the Enviromaster. Featuring an ergonomic, telescopic handle, the vacuum also flattens to less than 7 inches. Like all Mastercraft products, this vacuum is built to last. After many years of rigorous use, however, certain parts in even the most expensive cleaners will begin to wear. A power cord, for example, will often fray as it is plugged and unplugged hundreds or thousands of times. The U-12 is equipped with a removable power cable that is easy and inexpensive to replace.

As an added benefit, this compact commercial vacuum can be outfitted with HEPA and ULPA air filters. HEPA, or High Efficiency Particulate Air filters, are well known for their energy saving qualities. They can also increase the life of your equipment. ULPA, or Ultra Low Penetration Air filters, are even more efficient than HEPA filters, allowing less than 0.001 percent of particles to penetrate the filter. No matter which filter you choose, the vacuum creates a tight seal that is kept intact during the bag removal process. The canister is easy to remove and makes changing the bags mess free.

For even more flexibility, Mastercraft has released a first-in-class alternative to the upright HEPA vacuum. The Probe Enviromaster Backpack HEPA Vacuum is the first backpack vacuum that combines the convenience and versatility of a backpack system with the energy savings and advanced filtration of HEPA. Not only is the HEPA filtration system a feature unique to this unit and a first-in-class innovation by Mastercraft, it is also included in the provided dry cleaning kit. There is no need to purchase a separate filter, adding to the value of the vacuum.

Backpack vacuums make cleaning tight spaces easy for your custodial staff. They are perfect for seats, corners, closets and other areas that preclude the use of a standard upright vacuum or shop vac. While some systems may put extra strain on the back and shoulders, the Probe Enviromaster is ergonomically designed to balance the weight of the unit across key areas of the back. Built-in lumbar support, padded shoulder straps and kidney straps all work together to blend comfort and control.

The unit also features attachments that make the task easier. An aluminum wand coupled with an expandable hose can reach even the tightest spaces. With a dry capacity of 10 quarts, the operator will not have to take many breaks to change the bag.

By investing in a cleaning system that supports HEPA or ULPA filtration systems, you are guaranteed to see longer life from your equipment with improved cleaning results throughout its lifespan. Be sure to carefully consider your organization’s needs before selecting either of these formats.

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