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The Benefits Of HEPA

The term “HEPA” refers specifically to a particular type of high-efficiency air filter which has been engineered to target small pollutants and particles, not unlike a high-tech sieve. A HEPA filter vacuum cleaner is an industrial vacuum that uses a specially-designed filtration system to trap tiny dust fragments (such as pollen, mold spores and dust mite feces) which are well-known triggers for asthma and allergy symptoms.

Quality of Life: How HEPA Helps

Whether you own a small business, manage a private institution or operate a large corporation, chances are you want your facility’s air quality to be as pristine as possible, particularly for guests, employees or residents who will be spending long durations of time indoors. There are few measures you can take that are more effective than integrating HEPA vacuum cleaners into your building’s maintenance regime – this can be especially beneficial in environments such as hotels, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities where air quality is crucial. In addition to improving your building’s atmosphere and overall cleanliness, you will also appreciate the long-term health benefits. Although many commercial-style vacuums may claim to be “HEPA”, it’s important to know the difference. Below, you’ll find a list of key facts to find the best HEPA vacuums for your business or facility:

  • In order for a HEPA vacuum cleaner to be truly effective, it must be designed with a specially-engineered filter which draws all of the air into the unit and expelled through the filter, with zero air leaking past it. Tip: Choose commercial vacuums that are marketed as “Sealed HEPA”.
  • Although many commercial and industrial vacuums claim to have “HEPA-like” filtration systems, they don’t necessarily have the power or efficiency of a bona fide model – choose carefully; a genuine HEPA commercial vacuum has a powerful motor in order to provide maximum efficiency.
  • Just because it’s labeled “HEPA” does not guarantee all of the air passes through the filter – if you’re not sure, ask your retailer in order to find the best-quality HEPA vacuum.

Mastercraft Critical HEPA Filtration Vacuum

As you can see, choosing the right industrial HEPA vacuum is beneficial to everyone’s health, particularly for those suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory-related illness. If you’re unsure which model to choose, ask your company representative for a “True” HEPA vacuum. Although they may be a bit more costly than traditional commercial vacuums, they are an investment that will ensure the safety, health and comfort of your building’s residents, guests and/or employees.

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