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Steaming Machines Are An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Option

With a wealth of eco-friendly cleaning options at your disposal, how do you decide what is best? For some, cost is the biggest determining factor in buying supplies and selecting a cleaning method. For others, it is important to maintain a responsible footprint, meaning that whatever they do should have a low profile in its impact on the earth. Most people are turning to newer cleaning products and chemicals that are labeled as green products. While there are serious steps being taken toward manufacturing chemicals that have less of a damaging impact on our environment, cleaning with steam vacuums has always been an eco-friendly solution.

There is a lot of hype about green cleaning methods. Businesses struggle to maintain a level of quality in cleaning that’s matches their commitment to social responsibility. It’s no secret that major cleaning

supply manufacturers are labeling chemicals as green or eco-friendly to encourage sales. The fact is, most of these supplies are not what they claim to be. In a recent study, only 5% of a vast number of such products actually were “green”.

Cleaning with steam is as environmentally conscious as it gets. No chemicals are needed, although they do improve results, and steam has been a powerful cleaning agent for a long time. Steam cleaners work with much less detergent than other floor machines, and they integrate cleaning and vacuuming into one seamless process. Mastercraft offers a series of powerful cleaners that combine the sanitizing power of steam with powerful suction. A steam vacuum cleaner can deliver first-class cleaning in many applications, from showers and tile floors to carpets and rugs. The DS-7 has an impressive capacity that will help your staff complete jobs more quickly.

There are added benefits to owning a commercial steam cleaner. With large capacity and extremely long power chords, these machines lessen the work load for the operator and help you finish jobs faster. With adequate suction, these cleaners can also clean and dry a floor in one pass, making them particularly valuable in situations with tight turnaround.

Cleaning carpet floors in a hotel is a good example. Harsh chemicals leave residue and buildup in carpets, and they can also contribute to a lingering odor. In spaces that need to be cleaned and ready to be used in the same day, there is no time for drying. With a carpet steam vacuum, you can ensure that your client’s carpets will be dry when you complete the job.

Beyond dependability, durability and its ability to get serious jobs done on deadline, a commercial steam cleaner like the Mastercraft DS-8 can even be used as an alternative to pesticides in some applications. If you are considering a steam cleaning solution for your arsenal of floor care equipment, take a serious look at these value-adding machines.

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