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How To Remove Tough Commercial Stains

Whether it’s set-in coffee, tread marks, oil, grease, or even the dreaded ink explosion, a single stain can be an eyesore on otherwise gorgeous flooring. But what if a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner isn’t enough? How can you remove that set-in stain—even weeks or months later?

Commercial, industrial carpet extractors, and spotters are the solutions for you.

What Are Carpet Extractors And Spotters?

Extractors and spotters deep clean carpets and remove set-in stains. These machines mix hot water with some sort of cleaning solution that is then sprayed on the carpet. The solution mixes with the stain molecules (dirt, debris, old liquid).

The extractor then scrubs, vacuums, and brushes to lift up the solution and stain. Some extractors will have a scrubber head or attachment that brushes in the solution to cleanse while also lifting up the stain. The extraction is usually immediate after application.

Carpet extractors are the best of a mop, vacuum, and carpet freshener in one device!


What Are The Benefits Of Extractors?

Carpet extractors are the simplest way to revitalize the look of your carpet or rug. Removing unattractive stains is vital to showing off a professional workspace for both employees and clients. Extractors help your environment give the right first and lasting impression.

Furthermore, some stains can actually breed bacteria and odors! These stains need to be properly treated in order to keep the environment not only pretty but also safe and clean from germs.

Carpet extractors also save the cleaning team time and energy. Your workers don’t have to bend over backward or stress to remove a tough stain. With the right machine, deep cleaning can be as easy as mopping! This makes your janitorial team more efficient and productive.


Which Is The Right Extractor For Your Company?

There are various types of extractors, spotters, and deep cleaners that you could choose from for your commercial space. There are machines that focus on scrubbing, others that specialize in set-in stains, and still others that are made for deep, thorough cleaning over a large area. Below are some things to consider when choosing the best device for your company’s needs.



There are two types of extractors: portable and self-contained. Portable spotters are the most versatile and maneuverable, and they are usually the least expensive. They’re good for extracting stains and deep cleaning small areas at a time. Self-contained extractors are like large vacuum cleaners that are good for deep cleaning large spaces in one go around. It applies detergent and has a scrubbing motion as you walk with it. It then sucks up the solution and dirt into a recovery tank.

In this way, you should also take into account how large the recovery tank is. Larger tanks can clean for longer periods of time, but they are less convenient and manageable for consistent or frequent use.



Think about how often your team will be using the extractor. Will they be using it only as stains happen or deep cleaning large areas at a time? Will it be used in a larger, client-facing building or a smaller cubicle space?

Generally, deep cleaning should occur at least twice per year. However, many commercial spaces do it up to once per month to keep the area fresh and also to protect the life and look of the carpet.


Air Filtration

At Floorcare, we understand the importance of a clean working environment to the health of employees. In the same way that you want to use environmentally and health friendly cleaning solutions, your equipment itself should also promote a healthy environment.

While you want to ensure there is good airflow and suction, you also want to make sure that no contaminants can escape from the bag and enter into the air, causing airborne sicknesses and a poor work environment. When purchasing a spotter, look at the HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) rating for your vacuum. HEPA filters can grab 99% of debris that could enter into the air, keeping your workplace clean and safe.



The deeper the stain, the higher the power you need. But higher power isn’t always best. You need to balance suction and running power with other aspects of the extractor, like portability and cost.



It is important to not choose your extractor based on cost. Your janitorial team will likely be using carpet extractors and spotters more often than you think, especially in larger spaces or areas. If you choose something that is too inexpensive, the equipment can break down or won’t run as long. This can lead to future expense expenditure as well as problems and inefficiency for your cleaning crew. Consider investing in the best that your budget can afford.

The Bottom Line

Our wide range of carpet cleaning extractors and spotters are perfect for all sorts of spaces and needs. Not sure what’s best for you? Give us a call at 1-877-FLOORCARE (356-6722), and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect machine to keep your carpets spotless and lasting!

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