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How To Choose The Best Commercial Floor Machines For Your School

Maintaining a school’s cleanliness is an intrinsic part of any successful educational facility – by providing a sanitary, safe and healthy environment for pupils, educators and school employees, you are creating an atmosphere that is ultimately conducive to learning and working for everyone. Unfortunately, in today’s economic climate, more and more school districts are forced to cut back on their budgets, which can have a negative impact on the custodial and maintenance practices implemented in the school systems. With fewer staff on hand and facilities scheduling maintenance during the day versus the night, there are challenges to be met, especially when it comes to floor care upkeep. However, with the proper floor care equipment and scheduling your custodial crew strategically throughout the day, you can effectively maintain any school facility on a cost-effective basis without disrupting the school’s flow of activities. Below, an outline of best practices to keep in mind when creating a floor-care plan that works for your educational facility:

Choose Wisely

Traditional commercial floor cleaning machines are usually equipped with cumbersome wires and cords that can pose a safety hazard, particularly if maintenance is to be done during the daytime. Furthermore, cords can also be inconvenient, as custodians need to have a reliable outlet source no matter where they’re cleaning; this can oftentimes pose a problem, particularly in large spaces (hallways, auditoriums, etc.) Tip: Choose battery-operated floor care equipment. Although these industrial floor machines may be more costly, the dividends far exceed the price, saving unnecessary accidents and time spent on the job using sub-par machinery.

Quiet, Please

When selecting floor machines, try to opt for industrial floor scrubbers and commercial vacuums that make less noise – this can be crucial for custodial work done during school hours, as loud machines can be very distracting. Tip: Look for machines labeled “quiet operation” or ask your retailer to suggest models appropriate for your facility and specific needs.


Mastercraft Quietmaster

Plan Accordingly

Finally, it’s important to schedule your custodial staff carefully – since many types of floor care require little or no traffic, it’s essential to develop a plan that will afford your crew blocks of time to accomplish their duties. Tip: Choose wet & dry vacuum cleaners to expedite drying time for wet floor surfaces – this is an ideal solution for instances where cleaning must be done during the daytime.

As you can see, choosing the appropriate commercial carpet and floor cleaning equipment makes all the difference when maintaining a school, allowing you to foster an environment suitable for learning and create a safe, hazard-free workplace for students and faculty.

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