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Getting Ready To Clean Your Business’ Bathroom

There’s an old saying, “You can tell the quality of a restaurant by how clean their bathroom is.” The same is true for workplaces, schools, and office complexes. A clean bathroom demonstrates a caring staff and administration. However, it’s also often the most under-cleaned and under-appreciated area.

That’s because bathroom cleaning isn’t easy. Otherwise known as “everyone’s favorite job,” we all avoid cleaning toilets—and the area around toilets—at all costs. Bathroom Cleaning Day (or Hour) can also be synonymous with “call-out-sick-from-work day.”

What if we told you that we could help make your commercial bathroom cleaning better? (We won’t go as far to say we’ll make it fun, but we can definitely make it less not-fun.)

With the right tools, your janitorial staff will be able to clean and sanitize your bathrooms in no time to create a healthier, cleaner, and better working environment.


  1. Get bathroom-ready.

When your staff goes in to clean, they want state-of-the-art tools that will help make their job easier. While a lot of equipment can be reused in multiple areas of the building, you should have a separate handy, mop cart that is designated only for the bathroom.

This will ensure that your staff always has the necessary tools localized in one spot—so they’re never in the middle of scrubbing the toilet when they realize they’ve forgotten something! Having a special bathroom cart will also ensure that products used in the bathroom don’t further contaminate desktops or other workspaces.


  1. Avoid Reusable Products.

In this same vein, you don’t want to reuse dirty sponges from the bathroom—even if you reuse them within the bathroom. Instead, invest in quality sponges that are both durable and disposable. In an effort to be green, use inexpensive, biodegradable sponges that will not harm the environment while they clean your restrooms.

Use a sponge with a multi-surface cleaner that can clean the whole bathroom in one fell swoop! Environmentally responsible, multi-purpose cleaners are an ideal way to protect your employees, protect the environment, and protect your wallet!


  1. Get Protective Gear.

Your staff will thank you if you invest in their wellbeing. Even something as simple as getting everyone a pair of Americo Stripping Boots (in their sizes) can help keep their shoes clean, reduce the risk of slipping, and minimize the headache that comes with cleaning bathroom floors. Purchasing quality protective gear will show your janitorial staff that you care about them, protect from liability, and ensure that the bathroom is always sanitized and clean.


  1. Implement Bathroom Routines.

“Bathroom routines” can be for your janitorial staff, business staff, and even customers. For the janitorial staff, implement a cleaning rotation schedule. This will ensure that the same people aren’t always cleaning the bathrooms, and it will also give the responsibility of cleaning the bathroom to a single individual. This individual must then ensure that the bathroom is up to standards since they are held responsible.

Furthermore, get the other members of your building involved in clean procedures. Post signs with healthy bathroom practices, such as washing hands and proper disposal of paper products. You should also take the time to introduce the janitorial staff to the building. Putting a real-life face to those who have to clean the bathrooms will make your employees better maintain the space; they see who cleans up after them, so they are more aware of the mess they make.


With the proper cleaning tools and practices, your janitorial staff will feel well-equipped to take on whatever may lurk behind the restroom door. When all members of the company work together towards cleaner bathrooms, it creates a more productive and approachable work environment.

Create an account with Floorcare today to get on the road to a cleaner company—starting with the bathrooms!

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