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Floor Cleaning Machines: Save Time – Spare The Headache

Keeping floors clean in large spaces can be a daunting task, even for the most adept custodial staff. Depending on the square footage of a retail space, it can take hours for a crew to clean and polish floors adequately to satisfy the demands of shoppers flooding public spaces. Cleaner floors mean good business, because patrons notice when a space is filthy.

Clean floors mean much more than a good first impression – most accidents in large retail and grocery stores are a result of poor floor conditions. These accidents are a liability to any organization, but they are preventable. This necessitates a daily cycle of cleaning, and in the cases of hard, glossy surfaces, polishing or refinishing.

Certain industries require an even higher degree of cleanliness, well beyond the mere appearance of the floor’s finish. Hospitality and the food and beverage industries create demanding environments that must be clean throughout a rigorous and often messy schedule of use. Grocery stores and supermarkets are prone to spills, in addition to a relatively high volume of pedestrian traffic, making them well suited for mechanical floor cleaners that will do the job efficiently.

Not all floors are ideal for typical cleaning machines. While tile, vinyl and linoleum flooring are perfect candidates, softer, more porous surfaces like certain types of wood should be cleaned with special care. If a space has primarily wood flooring, consider a vacuum with a soft attachment and a buffer to aid in waxing and polishing.

Many small and medium sized businesses are hesitant to invest in floor cleaning machines for a number of reasons. Cost is a big concern among the budget conscious, and it can often keep even the most savvy business owners from even investigating their options. Exploring the array of options across the budget spectrum reveals that there is opportunity for most businesses to invest in a time-saving piece of equipment that will provide a return of investment over time.

Things to keep in mind when adopting new machinery to improve floor cleaning procedure:

  • Know your options – While the machines can be affordable, they are still sizable investments for most firms. Research the products available and do not hesitate to consult professional help. Sales executives that are familiar with the industry can provide invaluable insight.
  • Keep it simple – Do not over purchase. Find what is right for the application at hand, and look for some room for growth. If something seems like it is more than is needed, chances are it is.
  • Invest in adequate training – Heavy machinery can be dangerous if used improperly, and it can be damaging to the surfaces it is intended to protect. Finding the right staff to operate it is crucial to long-term success. The equipment will last longer if it is used properly as well.
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