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Floor Buffing Machines: Making Floors Shine

Floor buffing machines are an electrical appliance used to clean and maintain non-carpeted floors such as hardwood, marble or linoleum. Whether it’s for an at-home cleaning service or janitorial task, floor buffing machines are an essential investment and can yield major profits for cleaning businesses. The cleaning industry relies on them heavily.

Floor buffing machine are used for a variety of reasons, such as waxing, stripping, cleaning, painting, etc. According to CleanItSupply, cleaning professionals utilize a floor buffing machine to strip and refinish all types of flooring including VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile), rubberized and sheet good flooring, ceramic and quarry tiles, cement flooring and more. Although different models may vary, a typical machine looks like a large and upright vacuum cleaner with handlebars that requires steering. The controls are used to manage the direction and speed of the rotary brushes during the operation. Oftentimes, a liquid cleanser is used in conjunction with the floor buffer. This helps to loosen dirt and grime from the surface of the floor ensuring for a glossy finish.

Since the environment in which you are looking to clean can vary, there is an array of sizes to fit your needs. Large models take care of commercial needs while smaller models tend to residential uses.

Residential Models:

Smaller and compact varieties of home floor buffers are ideal for domestic use. These models generally do not have in-built stripping features, work at slower speeds, and are less expensive than commercial models. Popular models include:

  • Kenmore Professional Carpet Shampooer
  • Janilink Multifunction Floor Buffer
  • Pullman Holt Gloss Boss Mini Floor Scrubber & Buffer

Commercial Models:

Commercial models work at faster speeds, are built larger, and cover wider areas as compared to at-home models. It is often seen that a few of the commercial models also serve as floor strippers. Popular models include:

  • Sanitaire® Model Sc6015 Commercial Floor Polisher
  • Viper TASK-PRO [TP2015HD] Low Speed Buffing Floor Machine

If you want to use a floor buffing machine on different types of surfaces, then it’s a good idea to search for one that allows the user to control the speed of the motor. Depending on the job at hand, there different accessories to choose from. Heavy duty jobs call for abrasive strips or rotating brushes that will efficiently wipe away dirt and grime. Regular cleaning and polishing jobs require cleaning pads that attach to the machine. These come in different colors for different functions.

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