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Common Uses For An Automatic Floor Scrubber

Whether you have been shopping for an automatic floor scrubber or you are exploring the vast selection of products available on the market, you may be surprised at the multifaceted nature of floor scrubbers. Most businesses with a large amount of floor space to maintain place scrubbers high on their list of items to acquire or lease, and for good reason. Floor scrubbers can cut the human hours required for maintaining floor space in half. One well-trained employee can clean thousands of square feet in commercial floor quickly and effectively.

The primary function of a floor scrubber is to clean hard floor surfaces, much in the same way that you would with a mop and a bucket. The benefit of having an automatic machine on hand is in the time it will save. By simply filling the machine with a recommended cleaning solution, you can achieve a clean tile or vinyl floor in one quick, fluid motion. This is particularly valuable for organizations with vast amounts of floor spaces. Some examples of businesses that might benefit from an automatic floor scrubber for cleaning include grocery stores, automotive show rooms, warehouses, offices with hard floors and retail spaces.

Since you will be using your scrubber frequently, it is important to consider some of the features that might benefit you in the long run. Powering your device, for example, can be as much of a chore as using it to clean, depending on the availability of power in the areas you plan to clean most frequently. Consider finding a machine that runs on a battery pack. This way, you will be able to charge while you do other things, and you will save time not having to stop to move the power cable. Some automatic floor scrubbers will also allow you to switch out attachments, opening a world of opportunity for the machine.

Automatic scrubbing machines may also be suitable for stripping away unwanted coating or floor treatment. Depending on the type and model of your machine, you might be able to exchange your scrubbing attachments for floor strippers. Similarly, a rotary machine might be able to apply sealant to concrete and wood floors.

Floor scrubbers are available in two primary types, and each is equally effective. Most businesses benefit from a walk behind floor scrubber. These machines come in variable sizes, and they effectively clean floors as the operator guides them from behind. While such machines do get the job done, they can be tiring if used for long periods of time. Carefully review the operating floor space in your building or office and determine whether or not your staff can handle the job on foot.

If your space is particularly large, you might want to consider a ride on floor scrubber. Your custodial staff will not have to walk behind the machine, so they will not tire as quickly as the alternative. These machines are often cordless, as well, so you will be able to clean more floors without interrupting your workflow to move a plug from outlet to outlet.

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